About Dynamic Descaler

For industrial use only.

Dynamic Descaler has the lowest corrosive rate on the market. And it does not pit, erode or have any other harmful effects on ; STEEL, IRON, COPPER, PLASTIC, PVC, TITANIUM, other metals and materials. In addition it does not damage metals or materials found in water-cooled systems or equipment.  Dynamic Descaler is used on Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Boiler, Furnaces, Cooling Tower Fills, Piping, and other Water-Cooled Equipment.  You can clean your equipment IN-SITU (and sometimes without shutting down the machine).

  • It is a safe non-toxic, biodegradable chemical to be used on the waterside of heat transfer equipment.
  • You do not have to heat Dynamic Descaler.
  • Dynamic Descaler is safer for the employees to use than other acid products.
  • Your equipment will be cleaned in only hours without disassembling any part of the equipment. Equipment can also be cleaned without any down time (cleaning on the run).
  • Cleans down to the original surface without pitting.
  • Dynamic Descaler is safe on copper, copper-nickel, iron, rubber and other types of metals.
  • Dynamic Descaler will extend the usable life of your equipment, especially when used as a part of a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program.
  • Removing the scale build up allows your equipment to operate more efficiently with less down time.

Dynamic Descaler is available in the following containers:

  • 10 litre cube
  • 20 litre cube
  • 200 litre drum
  • 1000 litre tote

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